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Besides the lime slaker itself, Sodimate can also supply the complete “upstream” storage and feed system. We engineer fully integrated dry storage and handling equipment for quick hydrated lime, lime milk, and lime slurries, with uses ranging from water treatment to glass fabrication to road construction.


Problems with Lime Systems: Pumping System Slaking System. Low Density Lime System: High DensityLime System. Slurry must be pumped at a minimum of ft/sec: Slurry must be pumped at a minimum of ft/sec. 30 to 40% by weight slurries do not settle; pipeline velocity is a moot point:

Series A758 UGSI Chemical Feed

UGSI Chemical Feed Series A758 Plus Lime Slaking system provides reliable, efficient slaking of various grades of quicklime (CaO) at a substantial savings over other slaking methods. Our pastetype lime slaker produces a higher strength and more reactive paste resulting in more efficient use of lime.


Transmin quicklime slaking plants are available as complete turnkey systems, comprising roller mounted ball mill slakers, silos and filling lines, bag breakers, mix tanks, screw and vibratory feeders, pumps and control systems. Alternatively the above equipment can …

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Hydrated lime production line . Having set up a complete production line in our laboratory, we are able to study the the whole production process from the raw material to the finished products and adjust the production flow if needed, which helps ensure the Caproducts quality and allows the customers to provide Caproducts of all specifications to meet the market demand.

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Gilmour Company provides portable lime slaking equipment and portable storage silos to the mining, industrial/municipal and hazardous waste industries. We can assist with portable lime system setup, operational training and safety training related to the handling and processing lime.

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Our lime slaking plant constitutes a system for manufacturing lime milk from quicklime and water. The plant can be designed to function by the batch or continuously. Page 1 of 4 H 2 O STORAGE DOSING UNIT LIME SLAKING TANK STORAGE TANK AreAs of use Procedure Hydrated lime has a very broad spectrum of

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Since 1960 when Miller first published his award winning work, A Study of the Reaction of Calcium Oxide and Water, It has been known that the lime slaking reaction operates better when the reaction is run at elevated temperatures between 180°F to 190°F. The RDPTekkem Slaker consistently runs within a degree or two of a set point, then is ...

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Our Lime Slaking and Limestone Grinding Systems incorporate horizontal, roller mounted, wet grinding ball mills and wet scrubbers to extract steam away from the dry product. Agitated storage tanks maintain the slurry in suspension until it is delivered to process via centrifugal slurry pumps installed in a duty / standby configuration.

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Slaked Lime c D Figure 2 Lime Feed System With Rotary Cup Type Feeder Lime Slurry Feed Common problems of lime slurry feed systems in clude clogging of metering pumps and valves, and encrustation of pH probes. It is important to locate the takeoff point from the slurry line as close as possible to the point of lime slurry application.


LIME SLAKING SYSTEM Technical Data For 2000 Lb/Hr Slaker Capacity 2000 lb of quicklime per hour. Operating Range 20:1 Slaking Ratio Approx. 2 to 1 water to lime by weight before dilution. Feeder Model 31165 Gravimetric Weighbelt Feeder with 9inch belt, offfeed alarm, load cell, and variable speed drive with 1/2 hp dc motor.


Since lime slaking is an integral part of treatment systems in water, wastewater, air pollution, and process industries its performance will influence the overall effectiveness of the process as well as o peration costs. This paper presents discussion and review of factors that affect efficiency and performance of lime slaking systems. INTRODUCTION

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Plant requiring large quantities of lime slurry, could be costeffective if the quick lime is slaked on site. The process consists of injecting quick lime in an agitated slaking tank maintaining high concentration. The exothermic reaction by mixing quick lime with water creates heat and steam.

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Lime Slaking Systems. Product Profile. Lime is one of the most common and economical chemicals used in the water and wastewater treatment process. The cost of commercial bulk hydrated lime or prepared lime slurry solutions, however, becomes prohibitive for installations requiring a continuous, high volume supply, typically greater than 45 kgs ...

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Lime Systems has experience in the design, supply and installation of most reagents utilised in an industrial or mining environment, whether the required plant is supply only or fully turn key Lime Systems can design and deliver a quality system to fulfil your needs.


Lime Slaking Systems offer an optimized, turnkey slaking solution for your project. DETENTIONTYPE Westpro's DetentionType slakers have been engineered to handle pebble as well as fine lime. Our PLC based control system provides a safe and trouble free operation while functioning at peak productivity. ADVANTAGES High reactivity product

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Each Lime Slaking System can be fully customized for each application with the addition of options such as lime storage silos (with silo fill blowers), bag breaking hoppers (with monorail and hoist), dust control systems and wet scrubbers, milk of lime storage tanks and more. Our lime slaking systems are completely engineered structurally and ...

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This is where MERRICK’s experience in the design and manufacture of lime feeding and lime slaking systems comes into play. For economic reasons, onsite conversion of CaO, calcium oxide (also called quicklime or pebble lime) is preferred to purchasing hydrated lime. Quicklime requires only about 75% as much chemical by weight to obtain the ...

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Lime Slaking Systems. Fully customizable in terms of equipment supply, layout and site conditions, Westpro’s Lime Slaking Systems offer an optimized, turnkey slaking solution for your project. Final Assembly of a DetentionType Lime Slaking System in the Westpro Shop


Aug 01, 2019· Systems. STT has over 40 years of diverse experience in the storing and transferring of dry bulk materials. This includes silos, lime slakers, pneumatic conveyors, transloads, bagging systems, reagent preparation systems, liquid storage tanks and the components that tie all of these systems …

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